her first flight

Flying with a baby, the thought of it always scared the crap out of me! It sounded complicated and stressful but I knew we’d have to do it and probably pretty frequently since both of our families are in California. We booked our first flight for six weeks after Carter was born, the three of us would go for the weekend and hang with the family and then head back on Monday. Well as they can, plans changed. Ariel had to head off to New York for work the day we left to California which left Carter and I to fly alone. Her first flight, our first flight with her, and I’m doing it alone. [panic] Luckily, Ariel was able to fly out at the same time as us so she could help get everything packed, to the airport and checked.

The flying process was fairly easy which was surprising to me. I was imagining sheer chaos and one hot mess of a mama but it ended up great! Carter slept until we boarded, woke up and ate as we took off, hung out and swooned everyone around us, ate as we landed and fell back asleep. She hadn’t slept a wink the night before so she was exhausted, as was I however only one of us got to take a nap. [this mom runs off of coffees, yes more than one] Oh! We did have a near blow out situation but I caught it before it made its way out of the diaper!

All in all it was an easy flight [see my tips for traveling below] and now that we’re in California we’re excited to spend some time with family and show off our sweet crazy haired girl.

I’m not an expert at all since this was our first flight however these are some things that really made traveling with a baby easy for me!

Flying with baby on the lap: Bring a birth certificate or shot record with you, the airline will want to verify age.

Baggage: Check everything you can. You’re carrying a heavy child, you have mom brain, the likely hood of you forgetting the luggage in line at Starbucks is high.

Car seat: If you’re bringing a car seat, bring a bag to put it in so that when it’s being thrown under the plane it doesn’t get broken or ruined!

Wear baby: We have both an ergo and a solly baby wrap. The Ergo was my choice because you have to unbuckle or unwrap the babe during take off and landing, unbuckling was much easier than unwrapping would have been.

Changing baby: I’ve heard some planes don’t have changing tables. [not sure if that’s true] Take the little one to the bathroom and lay them on your lap. Sure changing them at your seat would be way easier but I doubt the person sitting next to you or in front of you want to see or smell what your babe brewed in there.

Breastfeeding baby: MILKSNOB. I’m obsessed with mine. It has made breastfeeding in public so easy!


carters nursery

crib | chair | wallpaper | shelves | elephant head | mirror

Photos by our friends over at Honeysuckle Photography

When we got pregnant I immediately got excited about decorating a nursery. Of course I had to wait to get started since we didn’t know the gender but once we found out we were having a girl my mind went crazy with room ideas.

Carters nursery has easily become one of my favorite rooms in our house.  room that I spent a lot of time on from sitting down and designing it on the computer to going out and searching for all of the furniture and little details.

We kept her room light and bright and used pops of gold and blush to give it a more feminine feel. It was really important to us that each piece in the room [with the exception of her crib] could grow with her so we decided against the traditional changing table and used a contemporary modern dresser instead.

I really love how her room turned out and look forward to the countless memories that we’ll make in there.


world breastfeeding week

FullSizeRender 3

Before I got pregnant, scratch that. Before fertility treatments shook our world, I swore that I’d never breastfeed. The idea of having a little one attached to me, not being able to have a drink, whipping it out in public, and being the only source of food for my child gave me anxiety and scared me away from the idea of breastfeeding.

After becoming pregnant via IVF my mind changed and I became determined to breastfeed our little nugget. Since I hadn’t planned on breastfeeding and really didn’t know much about it other than you pop the babe on your boob, they suck and the milk comes out, A + I thought it was best that we took a class.

The class we took had a lot of great information but also at one point made me feel like a terrible mom and our little one wasn’t even born yet! The lactation consultant that taught the class basically said that you shouldn’t wear a shirt, feed on demand, never go back to work, never pump, and absolutely do not bottle feed EVER. [Insert sheer panic here! Was I a terrible mom already because I eventually would have to go back to work which meant pumping and bottle feeding?] Luckily, the consultant who taught the second half of the class had a completely different outlook on breastfeeding. She talked about pumping, going back to work, when to introduce a bottle and even came over to A + I to talk about the option of inducing lactation so that we could both breastfeed. [The idea of having two leaky hormonal women in our house scared us so inducing lactation wasn’t for us] Between the two consultants we learned more about the correct latch, different positions, infections, clogged ducts, etc. After the class I was excited about breastfeeding and felt like I had the knowledge I needed to succeed.

When Carter was she latched just a few hours after coming into the world and my milk came in shortly after. Since then we’ve had some hiccups [lets just say the first two weeks of breastfeeding I thought my nips were going to fall off] but with the help our awesome lactation consultant we made it through and things are so much better now!

Although our breastfeeding journey has been short thus far but the one thing that I’ve learned is that everyones journey is different, some can’t wait to breastfeed, some can’t breastfeed, and some plain just don’t want to but at the end of the day fed is best and no one should be judged on how they feed their little one. I’m so happy that I changed my mind on breastfeeding and truly feel lucky that I’ve been able to do so. It’s an amazing experience and one that I’m looking forward to continuing for the next year if able.

PS: Carter is attached to me most of the day rather she’s feeding or not, I can have a drink and still nurse safely, and whipping it out in public doesn’t scare me at all thanks to my milksnob cover!

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her first month

IMG_1133Our little bug is already a month old. Where did time go? People tell you time flies when you have a little one and oh my gosh they weren’t lying. It seems like just yesterday we were crying our eyes out talking about how we couldn’t believe we finally had our little girl as we drove home from the hospital.

Carters first month of life was busy. She had lots of visitors and adventured out of the house quite a bit to breweries, wineries, Nike, a bridal shower, and to Nordstrom more times than one should.

At her last checkup she weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and was 21 inches long. We’re not sure how she’s gaining weight because the little girl poops SO much. She’s a good sleeper [as long as moms boob is near by for snacks] and she’s always pretty smiley and alert when she’s awake. She loves bath time, likes getting her diapers changed and hates when they’re dirty. [shes only pooped on us a few times] Her hair has lightened so much since birth and is brown with a red tint. Her eyes are blue and her mommas hope they stay that way.

Being this little girls mom is so much fun. We both feel that nothing has ever come so naturally to us than being moms. The journey we had to take to finally have our little girl was long and hard but we’re so glad that it lead us to her.

One thing I never want to forget from this month:
H – The way she snorts when she’s trying to latch on. [i call her princess piglet]
A – How strong her neck is and how she slams her head into you when she’s hungry.

our first [half] day without mom


I don’t like that time is flying by. After three amazing weeks off together with our little nugget, A went back to work today.

So it was only for half a day + only two days this week, it still counts!

I’ve been pretty spoiled since A has been home. She changes all diapers, gets CK dressed, makes sure I have food/water, hangs out and snuggles while I get ready for the day etc. so this morning when we had to get up and go to a weight check appointment without A, it was ROUGH. Let’s just say, I looked a hot mess, CK looked adorable, [I mean that’s normal right? Kids look more presentable than mom?] we were fifteen minutes late to the appointment, my iced coffee that I bought on the way home didn’t get touched + I didn’t eat anything until after 12pm. However, little miss gained weight, took a nice long nap + I was able to get some laundry done, so even though the morning was rough and we missed mom terribly, we made it through our [half] day.

Oh + CK woke up from her nap just as A got home. She welcomed her home by pooping and peeing E V E R Y W H E R E as A changed her diaper. I think it was just her way of telling her that she missed her.

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a birth story

our birth story goes a little something like this: thursday night at 10pm I got up to go to the bathroom over and over again, I had never peed this much my entire pregnancy so I knew something was going on. by 10:15pm contractions had started, they were intense and only about six minutes apart. we laid in bed, A rubbed my back and reminded me to breathe. we labored at home until 2:00am. when we got to to the hospital they checked me, I was only 1cm dilated. the doctor who was on call was sleeping so we labored until 7am when the midwife started her shift. the midwife decided to induce labor since I was contracting but not dilating. the foley balloon was placed at 9am. at 2pm it came out and I was a generous 6cm dilated. [i had no pain after the balloon was placed] we waited another hour or two to see if I would dilate on my own but didn’t so they started pitocin. pitocin didn’t work at all so the next step was to break my water. at 6pm my doctor walked in and broke my water and by 6:15pm I was asking for an epidural. after the epidural, [which they placed TWICE] I felt great but obviously exhausted so I hung out, relaxed, and slept. around 2:15am I felt pressure and the urge to push, I was ready and anxious to meet our little girl. I pushed for thirty minutes and out came carter girl! as soon as she was placed on my chest she pooped everywhere. she was was silent and I started to panic, I asked the doctors if she was breathing and they said yes, she’s just a quiet one. I started talking to her, I told her she had two moms and she let out her first little cry, we couldn’t help but laugh [we told her having two moms was going to be awesome] she then did skin to skin with A and also pooped everywhere [A’s belly button caught most of it]. after all the chaos and cleanup I got to snuggle and nurse our little girl and all felt right in the world.

IVF update

IMG_1215H’s take:
It’s been awhile since we updated our blog and a lot has happened!

Stims day six through nine brought lots of shots and lots of doctors appointments. I was constantly being monitored to check follicle growth, see how many follicles there were, and blood work to see what my estrogen levels were. Each appointment I started to worry more and more that I was going to get OHSS and not be able to do a fresh transfer. However, I had high hopes and would do everything I would to keep the OHSS away! We finally got the green light to take the trigger shot on Monday and then our egg retrieval would be on Wednesday.

The morning of the egg retrieval I wasn’t nervous, more so anxious to be done with this part of treatment. The surgery was only about 30 minutes long and I was back in the recovery room with A. As soon as I woke up I was in so much pain. Once I had some pain meds and was able to walk, we headed home. I got into bed and that’s where I stayed for the next few days. I was still in so much pain and I was so bloated that I looked like I was three months pregnant.

On Friday we were supposed to go to the doctors to check for OHSS and make sure that we were still on track for our fresh transfer on the following Monday, I called that morning and cancelled the appointment and our fresh transfer. I knew that I had OHSS and I knew that transferring an embryo would only make things worse. I was devastated. I cried. I now had to wait to transfer our precious embryo and I would have to go through another long and agonizing few weeks of shots, this time, in the bum.

By Friday night things had gotten worse. I felt awful; I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, and couldn’t keep anything down. I called the doctor and they scheduled for us to come in first thing the next morning. That morning we got up and A drove me to the doctors. They checked for free fluid in my belly and found some. Then they drew my blood and immediately took me to another floor to hook me up to an IV, I was severely dehydrated. After four hours of monitoring, a bunch of fluids, and some anti nausea meds, they sent me home.

After Saturday I started to feel better. By Sunday I was able to walk around and even left the house a few times. It’s now ten days post retrieval and I finally feel normal again. My belly has shrunk, I can eat normal, and walking doesn’t hurt. I don’t think I could have gotten through the week without A. She played nurse, got up in the middle of the night with me, made sure I was eating/drinking, etc. She really is amazing.

While physically I’m great, emotionally I’m not. I’m sad that the fresh transfer wasn’t an option for us because my body didn’t cooperate. I’m mad that we’ve been trying for six months to get pregnant and now we have to wait even longer. I’m nervous for the months to come, the new meds, the shots, the appointments, etc.

This process has not been easy. Our house has seen a lot of tears lately. Neither one of us has been ourselves. We basically eat, sleep and dream IVF. It’s completely consumed our lives. The only thing keeping me going is knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This process will be worth it. We will have our sweet little babe at the end.

Oh ya, the eggs! We retrieved 44 eggs. Out of the 44 eggs, 28 were mature and 24 fertilized. On Tuesday the embryologist called and told us that we have 18 grade A frozen embryos. Bring on the mini van!